Privacy Policy

Protecting your Personal Details.

Upon making an inquiry to ‘The Rocking Horse Emporium’ or upon becoming a customer of ‘The Rocking Horse Emporium’ you will be required to provide us with your contact details. These details will be used to:

Send you details of our products and services, and account information.

Contact you in the event that issues arise with your account.

Identify you as a customer, and provide us with ownership details.

To help in fraud prevention.

Protecting your privacy:

Your privacy is considered by us at all times. We use SSL technology to encrypt purchase links on our site, and all payments and data transfer of sensitive material is conducted over a secure encrypted connection to ensure it cannot be intercepted by any third party.

‘The Rocking Horse Emporium’ will not provide any of your personal information to other third party websites, or organisations without your express permission.

While we may provide links to other web sites, or online businesses we kindly remind you that we may not be in direct control of these sites, and would urge you to review their own privacy policies before making purchases from such web sites. The content of these external web sites not directly reflect those of ‘The Rocking Horse Emporium’

Data stored on our server

Data we hold on our server is only accessible by ‘The Rocking Horse Emporium’ alone. No one else is able to access this data but ourselves.

Use of cookies

We do use cookies to control your sessions on our site, however no sensitive data is stored in these cookies, and are in no way tracking cookies used by other unreputable web sites.

Updating your account information

You can update your account information with us at any time by logging in to your account.


If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy, please do not hesitate to contact us at